Do You Need Cozy Pod this Winter?

product reviews - reaction video Mar 05, 2024

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Video Transcript: 

Product Promo Video:

Introducing the Cozy Pod our latest innovation from Venty. Since you last backed our Kickstarter Venty fan campaign, together we brought cool comfort to over 200,000 people in 50+ countries. Now we're bringing the heat, literally, with our patent pending plug-in Cozy Pod. At Venty we've always emphasized clean design and aesthetics. The cozy pods compact form factor and exquisite design make it the perfect addition to any small space that you need to warm. Simply plug the cordless Cozy Pod into your wall outlet vertically or horizontally and you've got instant heat within a second. Control your warmth from across the room with the wireless Cozy Pod Smart Touch Remote. The magnetic docking station recharges your remote so you'll never need a battery. Why waste money heating your whole house when all you need heated is your room? Cozy Pod is an energy-efficient solution to help you save up to 90% of your energy bill. Eco mode saves you even more by shutting off when your desired warmth is reached or set the timer to blast for as long as you desire. Illuminate the night with the four-tone LED night light providing a warm glowing pathway. Cozy Pod is the perfect plug-in companion for bedrooms offices and even RVs. Safety is paramount to us and we integrated numerous safety features to ensure both you and your space are protected. And any cloth covering is ran by a smart chip that immediately shuts down Cozy Pod. Our designs are finalized and we're ready to bring the heat. Be the first to warm your space this winter with portable plug-in Cozy Pod. Stay warm, stay safe, stay cozy. The new Cozy Pod by Venty.

Matt’s Review:

Okay, the Cozy Pod. Cool it's a room heater. It seems like it has some safety features which would be my number one concern with something that plugs into the wall and produces a lot of heat. Seems like they've thought about that. They don't wanna burn anyone's house down and cost themselves a huge giant lawsuit. It seems kind of small so how much heat it puts out and how well it does and how much electricity it really uses who knows. But for 69 bucks it might be worth trying out. It comes with a carrying case, I don't see a lot of people wearing it like a purse walking around with it so that seems a little strange but whatever that's a small nitpick. The bigger one that I think they could have done better with is they give you a remote that you can control it with but it seems to me this would have been a much better thing to put some bluetooth in and let you control it with your phone and then you don't need a remote. You don't need to worry if the remote's charged, you don't need to worry that you lost the remote, where did it go, it's lost in the laundry somewhere under the bed or whatever. So that's the only thing I would think would be a better fix for this is if it was phone-controllable with bluetooth instead of it having its own remote. But other than that for 69 bucks I mean I'm sure they'll sell a bunch and whether or not it ever takes off and becomes huge who knows but it's not a bad idea. It's really just something that already exists in a slightly different shape and with a cool video promo on Kickstarter. So we'll see how it goes good luck I hope it works out for them.

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